About the Author

While many people like to get straight to the point, she’s all about taking the scenic route—in writing and in life. What started out as a favorite pastime and hobby has turned into a passion for Vanessa F. McCoy, author and motivational speaker. Through her love for poetry and prose, McCoy is committed to winning lost souls for Christ, helping men and women worldwide to transition from the kingdom of darkness into the light. From short stories and novels, to plays and poetic compilations, McCoy strives to be a mouthpiece for God’s kingdom—encouraging the married and single alike to live a life of integrity according to God’s Word.

As a single young mother of two, she knows firsthand what life is like when you’ve looked for love in all the wrong places—and yet end up emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. Releasing her debut books, Metamorphosis Love: The Beginning Volume 1 and Metamorphosis Love: Pleasant Dreams & Wishes Volume 2 in 2015, and Metamorphosis Love: Tangible Love Volume 3 in 2017, McCoy deals with the lost and found of life and love—God’s way. She is currently working on Metamorphosis Love: Enduring Love Volume 4 and her sophomore project, Lost Between the Tides. After surviving numerous empty relationships, broken heartedness and emotional baggage, she’s dedicated her life to inspiring others to know that a life lived outside of the will of God doesn’t equate to truly living at all.

In addition to graduating magna cum laude from Wayne County Community College, she is a member of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, Aspiring Writers Association of America, and The Toastmasters Club. After competing in a Table Topics Speech Contest, where McCoy and others had to deliver impromptu speeches, she came in second place at the area level. Serving as a host in the Women’s Ministry Small Group at Word of Faith International Christian Center in Southfield, Michigan, her authenticity, compassion for women, integrity and dedication speak loud and clear to all whom she comes in contact with.

In the times where she forgot what real love felt like, she went back to her first love—writing.

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